Denver, CO,
09:53 PM

Daniels Makes List of Best Full-Time MBA Programs

Bloomberg Businessweek published its list of the best full-time MBA programs in the U.S. today. The Denver MBA at University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business ranks No. 87 on the list.

The report, “Best Business Schools 2016 U.S. Ranking,” uses a methodology that includes four main metrics: an employer survey, an alumni survey, a student survey, the class of 2015 placement rate three months from graduation and starting compensation from the classes of 2013-15.

“As a result of Daniels’ rigorous coursework and challenge-driven experiences, our students are uniquely prepared for the demands of a hyper-competitive, increasingly entrepreneurial, economic marketplace,” says Daniels Dean Brent Chrite.

Under Chrite’s leadership, Daniels has revamped its MBA program significantly in the past two years. Instead of completing a series of traditional courses to complete a degree, Denver MBA students compete in four challenges, in tandem with rigorous, integrated learning modules, that allow them to test and refine their skills in real business settings. The challenges entail building a startup, supporting an organization working for the social good, solving a corporate problem and traveling outside the U.S. to work for a global organization.

“This ranking affirms, in part that our commitment to delivering an exceptional management education experience for our students at the intersection of academic rigor and market relevance is closely aligned with the needs of our most critical stakeholders,” Chrite says.

The Bloomberg report is based on data compiled from more than 1,000 recruiters, 15,000 alumni, and 9,000 recent graduates. Visit the Bloomberg website for a complete list of the rankings and the full methodology.