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Faculty and Staff Grants from November 2017

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members who received grants or contract awards during November 2017:

James T. Blankenship, associate professor in the biological sciences department at the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • Grant from the National Institutes of Health for "Mechanisms of Membrane Ratcheting During Cell Intercalation"
  • Project abstract: An essential driver of tissue elongation is oriented cell intercalation. The objective of this project is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms that establish a planar polarized Rab35 ratchet. The research will examine the upstream signals that engage ratcheting and direct Rab35 compartmental behaviors to contracting interfaces. It will also determine the mechanisms that terminate individual ratcheting behaviors.

Charmaine Brittain, director of organizational development at the Butler Institute for Families at the Graduate School of Social Work

  • Grant from the Colorado Department of Human Services for "CJA-Training for Child Abuse and Neglect Attorneys"
  • Project abstract: Conduct a needs assessment and develop and deliver training and professional development for city/county and district attorneys who handle cases of chid abuse and/or neglect.


Lena Lundgren, executive director of the Butler Institute for Families at the Graduate School of Social Work

  • Grant from the National Institutes of Health for "The Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program (ADEP) for Social Work Faculty"
  • Project abstract: Provide a four-day immersion SWIFT training program to two cohorts of 25 Social Work faculty in June 2018; evaluate and test the efficacy of the immersion training.


Kevin Morris, research associate professor at the Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from Green Chimneys for "Measuring the Impacts of Animal- and Garden-Based Interventions at Green Chimneys: Creating a Relative Efficacy Map"
  • Project abstract: Conduct research into the effectiveness of animal- and nature-based interventions, which will be used to create a "relative efficacy map" that identifies which interventions influence which changes in behaviors for adolescents with particular diagonoses.

Jonathan Moyer, assistant professor and director of the Pardee Center for International Futures at the Korbel Graduate School of International Studies 

  • Grant from Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. (USAID) for "USAID-Central America I.F.s Development and Analysis"
  • Project abstract: Explore the cross-cutting issues of migration, education quality, labor market dynamics (namely unemployment), and violence in Central America. This project requires the Pardee Center to extend/enhance International Futures models in each of the issue areas.

Shauna Rienks, research assistant professor at the Graduate School of Social Work

  • Grant from Casey Family Programs for "RI 360 Project"
  • Project abstract: Support the Rhode Island Department for Children, Youth and Families in conducting 360 degree assessments for participants in the Leadership Academy and also conducting an outcome evaluation of the training.