05:46 PM

Faculty and Staff to receive newly redesigned Red Folder guide for supporting students in distress

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues: 

Nationwide, universities are being called to resolve gaps in support services given the spike in mental and emotional health crises. Research suggests that when students are healthy-- mentally, physically, and emotionally and they experience a welcoming and affirming campus climate—their academic performance will reflect it. Each person at the University has a role in this Culture of Care. The Pioneers Care Referral System activates the Student Outreach & Support (SOS) staff to identify appropriate interventions and to assign a case manager for the student. SOS staff oversee this process and provide this support for all students, both graduate and undergraduate. 

The earlier that we are able to identify students in distress, the sooner we can connect them to the appropriate resources and empower them with the skills to navigate future challenges. We cannot do this without your help. We must continue to expand the partnership between academic and student affairs to strengthen student success at DU. Your feedback helped us redesign the Faculty and Staff Red Folder, a comprehensive resource that includes helpful information to identify behavior, address behavior, and refer students to the appropriate campus resources. The insert in the Red Folder titled Recognizing and Supporting Students in Distress provides helpful guidance on behavioral indicators, resources, and referrals. These resources will be distributed to faculty and staff throughout campus in the coming weeks. 

This holistic approach and collaboration are critical to student success. Further, the University must have accurate record keeping and demonstrate that appropriate protocols were activated in the best interest of the student and community. Please remember that university policies are developed to ensure consistency, fairness, and accountability. By following the policies, your personal liability is reduced should things go wrong. We are in this together and we all want what is best for our students.  

Finally, if you are interested in a professional development session to learn more about working with students in distress, please contact the SOS staff at care@du.edu 

We are continually grateful for your dedication and partnership. 


Jennifer Karas, Vice Provost-Academic Programs

Niki Latino, Associate Vice Chancellor- Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence

Corinne Lengsfeld, Vice Provost-Research and Graduate Education