Denver, CO,
10:26 PM

Supporting Students Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

We are taking a comprehensive approach to supporting our incoming and current students who may be impacted by Hurricane Harvey, as outlined in the action plan below. Student Outreach & Support (SOS) staff in the Division of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence will serve as the central hub to get students connected to the appropriate resources and to communicate their needs with campus partners.

We are taking a team approach to case manage our students and SOS will be in contact with division and campus offices to serve on the support team.

We are grateful for your collaboration in supporting our students through this challenging time.

Plan of Action:

  • The Registrar and Information Technology (IT) staff have identified approximately 125 students who have potentially been impacted.
  • If we are able to learn of an affected student’s plans, we will be in touch with the student's faculty members.
    • For incoming first year students who are impacted, we will work in collaboration with FSEM faculty to keep them informed and collaborate on outreach to the student.
  • Student Outreach & Support (SOS) and the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) are assigning a Case Manager to the students to provide information about the support and resources available to them. The Admission Team is also involved in supporting incoming first year and transfer students.
  • A special Pioneers Care Harvey Report has been created and is posted on the SOS homepage as well. This can be completed by a student or reporting party on behalf of the student. This report helps us to identify the needs of the student and their plans on attending school this quarter.
  • The SOS Harvey Phone Number is 303-871-4724.

Additional ways we can use your help:

  • If you are contacted by an impacted student, please fill out the Pioneers Care Harvey Report which will activate the Student Outreach & Support staff

Campus Resources:

Below you'll find contact information for reliable organizations if you wish to donate:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was created by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner for hurricane victims. It’s administered by the public charity Greater Houston Community Foundation. Donate online here.

Houston Humane Society

The Houston Humane Society took in animals from La Porte Animal Control in advance of the storm and is working to free up space for strays, and bring in animals displaced by the hurricane. Donate online here.