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Supporting Students Impacted by Hurricane Irma

We are taking a comprehensive approach to supporting our incoming and current students who may be impacted by Hurricane Irma. Staff in the Division of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence are serving as the central hub to get students connected to the appropriate resources and to communicate their needs with campus partners.

If you know of or are contacted by someone who may be affected, please visit the Student Outreach & Support (SOS) page, where you can fill out an online support form. 

We are grateful for your collaboration in supporting our students through this challenging time.

A special Pioneers Care Irma Report has been created and is posted on the SOS homepage as well. This can be completed by a student or reporting party on behalf of the student. This report helps us to identify the needs of the student and their plans.

The SOS Irma Phone Number is 303-871-4724.

Additional Campus Resources:

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