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Ramki Thurimella

Ramki Thurimella is a professor in the Department of Computer Science in the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science. His expertise includes cybersecurity, security and privacy, medical informatics and location based privacy.

Thurimella is the Director of the cybersecurity program at DU, as well as the Director of the Colorado Research Insitute for Security and Privacy. At DU he is responsible for all cybersecurity-related activities including managing the professional MS degree in cybersecurity, including curriculum creation, marketing, industry relations, and student mentoring. 



Stephen Haag

Stephen Haag is a professor of business information and analytics in the Daniels College of Business. His expertise includes cybersecurity, societal impacts of technology,internet safety and informations systems.

Haag has been quoted in several media outlets including Parenting Magazine, FoxNews.com and the Chicago Tribune with a focus on internet safety and identity terrorism. He also serves on the Secret Service Crime Task Force.