08:58 PM

Information Security--Phishing Attack

The IT Information Security team is actively tracking an email-based spear-phishing attack with the subject line of "Important message from faculty admin.” Please be advised that this is an attempt to gain unauthorized access to your personal information which could result financial damage. Please do not click on the link in this message. If you have already clicked the link and provided the requested information, please contact the IT Help Center (303-871-4700) immediately so we can assist you in protecting your information.

Email scams that attempt to trick a person into divulging their username, password, and/or other sensitive information continue to be a problem for everyone. When dealing with sensitive information via e-mail, it is advised to only exchange messages with known entities and to use secure messaging when available (for information on using DU’s secure messaging solution please see: o365 secure messaging ).

Additionally, Malware that installs itself on to your computer in order to capture sensitive information and send it “back home” is also a constant problem. To help address this issue, the IT Team has made CrowdStrike Anti-virus software available on the Pioneer Web “Resources”tab.

Please be advised that the IT Help Center WILL NEVER ask for your password or other sensitive information via e-mail. When in doubt, please call the IT Help Center (303-871-4700) before providing sensitive information in response to an unsolicited e-mail message.