11:38 PM

Updated medical leave and medical reentry policies

Jan. 11, 2018

To: All faculty and staff

From: Jennifer Karas, Vice Provost, Academic Programs

Niki Latino, Associate Vice Chancellor, Division of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence

Corinne Lengsfeld, Vice Provost, Research and Graduate Education

Re: Updated Medical Leave and Medical Reentry Policies

The Medical Leave of Absence and Medical Reentry policies have been updated to better support the needs of our students with a mental health and/or physical health condition that prevents them from functioning successfully or safely as members of the University community. The Office of Student Outreach & Support will manage the medical leave process for all students-graduate and undergraduate, and tuition will be prorated accordingly to the time the withdrawal is noted as illustrated in the tuition chart in the policy.

Please see the updated Medical Leave of Absence and Reentry policy. Faculty working with students who may need to apply for a Medical Leave of Absence should use this policy instead of the published version in the 2017-18 Bulletin. You may find the policy online for future reference.

Please contact Elizabeth Winberry with any questions at